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Starter Trees

At Bespoke Bonsai we will shortly be making available for sale a number of starter trees suitable for the beginner or collector alike. These trees are in varying stages of maturity. Some have been already been developed and trained whilst many are raw, untrained... a blank canvas for you to shape, style and grow over the years ahead.

Prices reflect age, development, style and start from as little as 5 for a healthy, potted tree with little or no training but plenty of potential. Some illustrative examples are shown below:

Scots Pine

A raw but pretty Scottie Pine with development potential. 10 inches in height with
similar spread

 Sycamore collection

A group of three beautiful red sycamores. These delightful trees have been trained for many years and are approx 5 inches in height.

 Japanese Maple

A delightful Acer measuring around 8 inches in height, including pot. Some initial training and lots of potential.


An excellent starter tree with some training already  undertaken and excellent trunk development. A future classic.

"........Beauty in bonsai can not be achieved if you do not have beauty within........"