We are registered to take children from 2 - 5 years old and can have up to 24 children per session.

All adults regularly in contact with our children undergo the CRB check, to help towards ensuring their suitability.

Staffing ratios are always in line with those recommended by OFSTED, 1:8 for children who are 3 years and over and 1:4 for children under 3.

There are dedicated SENCo, ENCO, Safeguarding Children and Behaviour Management representatives within the group. Also a Health & Safety Officer

There are currently 7 staff - all are dedicated in their work and qualified in line with their responsibilities and roles with Early Years Childcare Certification:
there are 4 senior staff , one holds level 4, the others level 3. All other staff hold level 2. In deployment there are at least two staff per session holding level 3.
Training needs are reviewed regularly to update skills, ensuring that new practices and policies are quickly shared and implemented in day-to-day running.

Additionally, all staff are familiar with Food Hygiene requirements and possess current First Aid certificates. Also certificates in Special Needs, Behaviour, Business Management, attendance in craft and creative as well as physical education, music and mathematics workshops.

There is a wealth of experience in childcare in the setting, in abilities of staff and volunteers which ensures a demonstration of their commitment and creates stability for the children attending