The pre-school is managed by a committee and there is an open invitation for all parents to attend meetings. Meetings are normally held once a term, the supervisors will advise when the next one is due. Any parent can become an officer or serving member of the Management Committee, which relies on parents coming forward to ensure it's continuation.

A parent / carer Help Rota is available for volunteers to put their names forward. This helps you to be aware of what opportunities each morning presents.
There is an annual outing to which all parents/carers and children are invited, normally held in the summer term. This has proven to be a great success so far.
Near the end of each term we aim to have an ‘open morning’ which gives the opportunity to speak to your child’s key worker, discuss progress or concerns and sometimes experience play activities.


We are regularly visited by a professional photographer who takes shots of the children, any siblings or family groupings that you would like done. These are offered to you to buy at a reasonable rate.

We regularly have staff on training programmes, therefore it may be necessary to provide pictorial evidence from the group. If you object to your child being photographed for this purpose please let a supervisor know. Any images taken will be shown to you for your approval before being utilised in any way.

It may be necessary for us to fund raise from time to time. We always appreciate any efforts made to help us, no matter how small and however made.