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At Bespoke Bonsai we have over 20 years experience growing and nurturing outdoor trees in the UK.
We will shortly be making available for sale, part of our large collection of quality bonsai at prices to suit all pockets. All our trees are UK-grown so are brought to you hardy and in the best possible condition ...... many come with outstanding provenance.

Whether you're simply looking for an attractive starter tree to grow on and train or to invest in a specimen tree that has been nurtured and trained for many years, we aim to provide an excellent choice of trees at very competitive prices.

Please browse our site and find out more about all aspects of bonsai tree-keeping. Our information pages outline the origins & history of bonsai, provide details of the various tree styles and how to look after and shape your trees.

We specialise in growing & training trees and do not directly supply bonsai accessories and related merchandising. However, our Information pages also include links to a selection of vendors who can provide for all of your other bonsai hobby needs ..... 

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